Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are a fun and informative way to prepare for the birth of your baby and for the first few weeks of parenthood while connecting with other parents-to-be. 

The classes are run by either Tasha or Melissa and run for 6 consecutive weeks on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at The Well Mother and Child Clinic. The course costs R 2,800.

It is recommended to start around 28-30 weeks into your pregnancy to ensure that all classes can be attended before baby arrives. 

Most medical aids cover the cost of some / all of the classes and can be claimed back upon completion. 

What our parents say

  • Avatar Nick Brown ★★★★★ a year ago
    As a Dad antenatal classes are an experience that I imagined would be completely centred around and towards orientation for Moms. Tasha is absolutely fantastic in including the Dads in the journey and the role they play through the various … More topics that are discussed. I looked forward to each of our classes. I highly recommend Tasha, a thoroughly enjoyable journey that will make the arrival of your new bundle of joy just that more special.
  • Avatar Natalie Adriaanse ★★★★★ a year ago
    Tasha, is just wonderful, warm and knowledgeable about all things birthing and postpartum care. I will encourage any first—time or refresher moms and dads to attend her antenatal class. It's brilliant, relevant and you're in for … More a treat with her guest speakers. Tasha is also a lactation specialist and you can take your baby to the Well Mother & Child clinic for vaccinations or simply just to check out, if you're concerned about certain things. Follow them on Instagram to get a sense of what you are in for! WM&CC is a golden find 🙂
  • Avatar alexandre bau ★★★★★ a year ago
    It was amazing 6 weeks classes, the way you explained everything was outstanding. Thank you very much Tasha!
  • Avatar Timothy Zakhary ★★★★★ a year ago
    The 6-week ante Natal course was brilliant. Tasha was very professional and genuine especially to the fathers. I highly recommend these classes.

Upcoming dates

== 2024 ==

Tuesdays March 12th- April 16th | R2800 Tasha 

Thursdays April 4th- May 9th | R2800 Melissa 

Tuesdays April 30th- June 4th | R2800 Tasha

Thursdays May 23rd- June 27th | R2800 Melissa 

Thursdays 4th April- 9th May | R2800 Melissa 

Tuesdays April 30th- June 4th | R2800 Tasha

Thursdays May 23rd- June 27th | R2800 Melissa 

Tuesdays July 9th- August 13th | R3000 Tasha 

Thursdays July 18th- August 22nd | R3000 Melissa

Tuesdays August 27th- October 1st | R3000 Tasha 

Thursdays September 26th- October 31st | R3000 Melissa

Tuesdays October 15th- November 19th | R3000 Tasha 

Thursdays November 7th- December 12th | R3000 Melissa 

Please contact us via email or whatsapp us on 061 588 3607 for bookings. We will require your contact number and medical aid details.  


Class 1: 


How to prepare for baby-emotionally, physically, practically

What do I really need to buy? 

Managing expectations of labour/ birth/ parenthood

What is a “good” birth?

Abnormal signs in pregnancy

Signs of labour- how do I know when I am in labour and when to go to the hospital

Hormones in labour

Class 2: Taught by Doula Catherine Brown 

Stages of labour 


Variations- assisted delivery

Episiotomies/ tears

Pain relief

Natural Methods/ Hypnobirthing techniques

Drugs available/ epidurals

Support in labour/birth (doulas, midwives, obstetricians) 

Role of the dad/ partner in labour/birth

Class 3: 


What to pack for hospital for you, baby and partner

Baby has arrived – now what?

First few days in hospital

Newborn genetic screenings/ hearing tests  



Taking baby home- first night

Class 4: 

Breastfeeding/ feeding your baby

Involvement of dad/partner

Latching/ positions

Breastfeeding challenges

Bottles/ pumping/ expressing/ formula feeding

Class 5: 

Sleep- presented by OT and Sleep Consultant Nicole Trautmann

Paediatric Basic Life Support/ First Aid – Presented by Paediatric GP Dr Jess Smith

What to do if my baby is unwell 

Class 6:

What to expect in the first 6 weeks- sleep/routine/ feeding

Bathing a baby

The 4th trimester

How to read my baby

How to settle my baby

Baby wearing

Sex/relationships/ contraception

Matrescence, maternal/ parental mental health