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Well Mother & Child Clinic recommends the following additional birth preparation:

Relax Into Birth is an online hypnobirthing and relaxation course of pre-recorded content, run by doula Charlene Yared West. It can be completed anywhere, at any time, at your own convenience. Relax Into Birth was designed as an add on to a good antenatal course, like the one run at Well Mother & Child Clinic.


Relax Into Birth offers a comprehensive line-up of pre-recorded content of:

  • Over 250 minutes of video course content, including a ‘doula in my pocket’ guide for dads / partners.
  • 13 (and counting!) downloadable audio hypnobirthing tracks, including breathing techniques, mindfulness practice, fear release and daily visualisations to help you prepare for a calmer, more comfortable birth.
  • Many downloadable PDFs.
  • $117

Relax Into Birth is recommended by independent midwives and obstetrician-gynaecologists alike, because of the mental, emotional and physical preparation it gives mothers and their partners for their birthing day.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 1500 mothers attended the Cape Town childbirth education hypnobirthing classes, with a 70% natural birth rate and VBACS. Since then, founder doula and hypnotherapist, Charlene Yared West moved the course online for easy accessibility. This course will help you birth without fear and empower you and your partner with tools to have a better birth, no matter what turn it takes. Charlene also created a hypnobirthing course for mothers preparing for a gentle caesarean birth.


 What topics does the Relax Into Birth Online course cover?

  • The Science of Relaxation: The impact of fear versus confidence and deep relaxation on your hormones, uterus, cervix, labour and birth.
  • The effect of the birthing environment and how to create a safe and relaxed space for birth in hospital and at home – in order to facilitate the correct hormonal balance.
  • Very practical tools for facilitating deep relaxation for labour and birth, including labour and birth positions, additional breathing techniques, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, acupressure points and other natural remedies and techniques.
  • Hypnobirthing information, techniques and audio tracks.

Charlene Yared West

Mother and wife / Bachelor of Journalism, Rhodes University / Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy, Essex Institute / HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator / WOMBS Birth and Postpartum Doula / Founder of Relax Into Birth Online

Charlene has been a doula for a decade since the birth of her son, which launched her passion into birth work. Since her own transformational birth experience, she has supported over 300 women on their birth journeys, walking with them every step of the way. “Each birth is a gift. Each birth is a story in its own right and I strive to empower women to have a better birth, no matter what turn it takes,” she says. Charlene is the founder of the Relax Into Birth online course and is a WOMBS-trained doula and has spent almost 10 years years teaching HypnoBirthing courses in Cape Town. She is a Hypnotherapist (non medical) and has a degree in Journalism and writes for a host of South African women’s monthly magazines, including Longevity and Life Healthcare. She also offers holistic massage using Colour Therapy through Reflexology and Usui Reiki Ryoho for pregnancy and the postnatal period.

When she fell pregnant with her son, she could not envision any other birth besides a caesarean birth, but through literal signs along the way, education and encouragement, she changed from planning an elective caesarean in hospital, to having a homebirth with an independent midwife in attendance. A complete 180!

Charlene went on to become a HypnoBirthing practitioner, birth doula and Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her experience in these fields gave her the tools she needed to create the Relax Into Birth Online School. It is the first proudly South African Online Birth Preparation School teaching women and their partners Hypnobirthing techniques and deep relaxation methods for a more comfortable and manageable birth experience at home or at hospital, for natural or caesarean birth. Her aim at every birth is to inform parents of their options, educate, empower and mirror exactly what the mother needs so that the experience she has is a positive one.